STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Avoid The Burr And Don Some Fur

As winter hits, and hits hard, it unfortunately brings along with it freezing snow and subzero temperatures. For those of us up north, layering up is an obvious must. Seeing as it must be done every time you leave the house, it can start to feel a bit redundant and drab. There is no better way to spruce up your outerwear and feel super cozy than a killer fur jacket. Classic and chic, the faux fur jacket is a staple piece to any wardrobe.

Worn with neutrals underneath, it can be an attention grabbing piece without being too flashy. This Fashionista paired it with a comfy turtleneck sweater dress. Together, it serves its conventional purpose of keeping her warm, and to top it off, it is super stylish (which is smart styling in my book).

Wearing a dress in the winter can cause all sorts of problems when a freezing gust of wind blows by, and this Fashionista solved this issue with some funky, nude tights. The nude fits right in with the neutral palette of the jacket. Yet, as the holograms flash in the light, it is just enough to catch your eye as she walks on by and possibly cause you to even admire them twice.

To tie the outfit together, this Fashionista was seen rocking black leather booties and a black fringe cross-body bag. The fringe trend is easy to fall in love with and looks effortless against the fur jacket.

A fur jacket is not just a flashy piece worn by attractive women in older movies. It has been reinvented for 2016. When styled well, it is a piece to be respected. It can be worn for any occasion, from a trip to the coffee shop to a date night out. Plus, the thick fur keeps you toasty and protects you from serious wind chill.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not ever limit yourself and claim a trend is ‘just not you’ before you even try it on. Your own personal style is not meant to be closed in a box. It is meant to be experimented with and a reflection of your own unique personality. Find patterned fur too busy? A short, black fur jacket would be just your cup of tea. As Sophia Amoruso, Founder of NASTY GAL claims, ‘Let your fashion freak flag fly.'”