One of my favorite things about living at the beach in the summer, (obviously, besides the beach itself) is the relaxed and laid back style. There is a freeness in everyone’s clothing that deters from the clean-cut and fitted city style that we are all so used to. At the beach, clothes flow just like the ocean as dresses and shirts seem to be more loose-fitted, and even pants are more flowy. Another popular beach favorite is bold prints.

This Fashonista managed to work the two styles into one in this Aztec-inspired dress. This adorable dress as well as the rest of her ensemble comes from my new favorite boutique, Hula Sue, located in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware where this Fashonista works. Her dark green cross-body was another eye-catching part of her outfit that added such a fun pop of color, contrasting nicely with the other hues she had in her outfit. This Fashonista’s jewelry was an eclectic mix of gold bangles, gold fan earrings, beaded tassel bracelets and even a really cool coordinate bangle.

This dress featured the Aztec print on both the front and upper back panel of the dress, as well as tassels and small gray buttons, that matched the material of the dress. I love all of these pieces separately, but I especially love how this Fashonista put them all together. This look is comfortable looking, while still having a more dressed up element to it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love fun pieces that bring bold colors to otherwise plain outfits. I love picking more laid-back clothing that kind of matches my relaxed personality, so flowy dresses are always an essential in my closet. I think that the most important part of your outfit is how comfortable you feel in it.”