With only a few more weeks of winter left, I thought I would focus on one of the newer trends that appeared this season. This month’s Fashionista is a social work major here at Portland State University. She loves musical theater, social justice and desperately wants pet snails. This Fashionista is wearing black oxfords and has paired a black and white plaid blanket scarf with a mustard cable knit sweater. She has included some simple silver rings to her outfit as well. Portland is a cloudy concrete jungle, so the mustard yellow makes her stand out without being out of season. I like how the scarf is comprised of neutral colors that contrast to the yellow sweater. It gives a nice balance of bright and dark colors.

The blanket scarf can be worn in many ways. My favorite style is draping it around your shoulders and arms like a wrap, but it looks just as good wrapped around your neck. Another use for this scarf is literally as a blanket. It keeps you warm and cozy yet it is still fashionable. I would imagine wearing this scarf out on lunch dates or even to class. It is very versatile and can go with basically anything. If you happen to be going on a picnic with a significant other or just having lunch in the park with friends between classes, you can also use it as a picnic blanket. You can find many similar styles of this scarf online ranging from very affordable, to high end cashmere (I prefer affordable, because let’s be real, we’re college students on a budget).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dressing cute doesn’t mean you have to dress uncomfortably. Things that make you feel good but are also soft and non-constricting, like this scarf and sweater, are some of my favorite everyday items.”