It’s officially sweater weather! With the bitter cold winter weather upon us, dressing warm while still being stylish can be challenging. One must-have piece that I recommend for these ice-cold days is a cozy blanket scarf. Paired with the right sweater, boots and other warm weather accessories, there is no problem that the blanket scarf cannot solve during these frigid months.

Just by looking at this Fashionista you can see there was no stopping her as she simply wrapped herself in her plaid blanket scarf ready for what the cold weather had in store. By layering a cream knit cardigan with an olive green tank underneath she made sure that her blanket scarf would be the main statement of her ensemble. Also, to make sure she stayed as warm as possible she finished off her layered look with an olive green hooded parka.

Another thing that I love about her outfit is that it is layered to the max. While all of her layers and scarf maintain the warm cream and green tones, there is just enough red in her scarf that adds a pop of color. In addition, her chunky dark brown boots with gold hardware on the side set off her minimal gold jewelry, which in my opinion add a perfect touch without over doing her outfit.

One reason why I think blanket scarves are trending now is because of how versatile they are. There are so many different ways you can style them to make them work for any outfit you choose. To switch up your blanket scarf style, I suggest belting it, or wearing it as a wrap or shawl for a more classic look. No matter what, I promise you will stay warm, look stylish, and most importantly be comfortable with a blanket scarf added to your wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whoever said being warm can’t be stylish clearly has yet to experience the blanket scarf.”