You know that classic denim shirt you have sitting in the back of your closet that you have no idea how to style anymore? This Fashionista has the solution for you! I saw how she was styling this iconic piece and had to stop and photograph her. The denim shirt can be styled in the typical J.Crew fashion tucked into a nice pair of jeans, skirt or underneath a sweater. However, this look is much less preppy and a little more hip.

Here she took a soft floral dress and paired it with some black tights. To keep the look comfortable, she slid on her favorite black sneakers and soft denim shirt. In order to give her body a little more shape, she simply tied up the denim shirt around her waist. Not only does the denim shirt add warmth in the cold months, but it creates really cool layers for the outfit, as well. She also kept the jewelry simple and warm with a gold bar necklace and unique chandelier earrings. Altogether, this look is a mix of girly comfort with a little bit of edge. Don’t be afraid to just take all of your favorite pieces and put them together to create a style that is undeniably you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Put shirts and jackets over dresses to completely change the look, whether it be to make it more dressy or more casual.”