Scarves, hats and gloves, oh my!

In case you may or may not already know, accessories are key. The effortless addition can take a basic outfit from boring and unoriginal to an outfit everyone is dreaming they had the talent to put together themselves. Things like sunglasses, jewelry or even bags can usually do the job.

However, since we wake up to the arctic cold every day and a jacket just isn’t enough to keep us warm, it is practically an obligation to add those “extra” accessories.

So if it’s that easy, why doesn’t everyone look as good as this Fashionista?

Her hat and scarf not only draw attention, but they also go perfectly together. It is almost as if they were meant to be worn together! Their cream color accents the rest of the colors she is wearing without creating a distraction. Accessories are meant to add to the outfit, not take away from what is already there. This mission was definitely a success.

Next, her jacket brings me to a loss of words. (I know, how is that possible?) Not many people have navy jackets; everyone usually just buys black. As long as it is cold, and in Michigan that can be for 75 percent of the time we are here, we are wearing our jacket every single day. Most people don’t want to push any boundaries when making such a major purchase, therefore, they stick with the basics of black. But this Fashionista is not afraid to cross any boundaries. She took a chance and went for it. In my opinion, she made the ideal choice.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Push yourself just a little bit more away from what everyone else is doing. If we are all wearing the same exact thing, no one will ever get any compliments, and what fun is that? This can be done with your most essential items in your closet like jackets and shoes. Don’t hold back; go for it!”