STYLE ADVICE OF THE: The Girl In The Little Black Sweater Dress

We can’t let the winter weather keep us Fashionistas from being stylish. It gets old wearing our favorite comfy jeans and that North Face jacket we all love so much. Longing for the freedom of the warmer seasons and how awesome you feel when you’re rocking your beloved shorts, dresses and skirts? Well, that feeling doesn’t have to stop; it can last all year around.

The sweater dress is the perfect universal piece for winter. You get the freedom of a dress and the warmth of a sweater. You can find them in an endless variety of colors, textures and lengths. They are also super comfortable, which makes them the perfect substitute for our jeans and North Face. It’s also the perfect go-to when you’re planning to look stylish during the winter.

This Fashionista was spotted rocking her sweater dress in a very RAD way. She wore a chic little black sweater dress with an eye catching quilted texture. She paired her dress with a comfy pair of brown boots. Around her neck she wore a gorgeous braided necklace embellished with tiny turquoise, peach and golden colored beads. This Fashionista stood out from the crowd of students around campus. Her dress definitely made a statement through her winter gear.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “We can’t let the winter weather keep us from being stylish. If wearing your favorite comfy jeans and North Face is getting old and you’re longing for the freedom of the warmer seasons, the sweater dress is perfect for you. They come in a variety of textures, colors and lengths. Pick a dress that has an awesome texture or color and pair it with your most comfortable pair of shoes and leggings. You’ll definitely be an eye catching Fashionista.”