STYLE ADVICE: Jogger Justice

With spring comes warmer weather, flowers, and, of course, rain. It was recently cold and bleak with a dash of some chilly rain. It didn’t help that it’s been finals week either—talk about the weather fitting the occasion. I wasn’t surprised to see many Fashionistas and Fashionistos in hoodies, sweaters, joggers, and even pajamas. What I did love seeing amidst all of the bundled wear was all of the neutrals (if you’ve read previous posts you’ll know all about my little obsession with them) and layered looks.

I spotted a stylish but casual Fashionisto walking on campus. I loved how he layered a neutral cream hoodie, a T-shirt (that hung a little bit from underneath to reveal a nice pop of color), with gray fitted jogging pants that were cuffed at the ankles and paired with crisp white Vans to complete the look. It was the perfect balance of the term “trying without trying.” I loved how there wasn’t anything that was overdone, but it still was put together and nice enough to go out to other places besides just going on campus.

This layered look is perfect for the airport, going out after a workout, running errands, or walking around campus. The only thing that I would’ve probably added to complete this look would have been a hat that either matched the peeking green undershirt or was a completely different color altogether. I also would have added a watch, bracelet, or some other form of accessory just to add a bit more to the look. Besides my own personal tweaks, I loved the zipper and how the pants were a skinny fit instead of the typical flare cut.