STYLE ADVICE: Ironic Subtle Flex

STYLE ADVICE: Ironic Subtle Flex

Asian couture is known for it’s dramatic flair and ingenuity. You can travel anywhere in the world but you wont ever be able to find any designs that can duplicate the originality that stemmed from Asia. Everything about the Asian fashion experience is one of a kind, from the artistry of the face makeup, to the intricate details of the gowns.

On my school campus there is an array of students all varying if different ethnicities, races, cultures, and yes of course, even fashion senses. Being a full-time student I don’t get very many opportunities to travel far from campus, so when given the opportunity to learn more about a culture while on campus, I jump on it. This morning while on my way to class, I passed by this Fashionisto. I spotted the Burberry lining of his black trench coat from across the path and knew he was a Fashionisto that I had to feature.

As I approached closer to him, the next item that stood out was the studded pair of Christian Louboutin loafers that were on his feet. I remember when they first came into style, I was tired of seeing people wear them. But as I walked toward this Fashionisto, I realized that I had never seen someone wear them so well. As I worked my way up from his amazing shoes and past his cuffed black trousers, I noticed the ring on his index finger. To contrast the slight gold on his finger, he hung a shiny silver pendant around his neck.

When we were finally face to face, I asked him if his style of dress was unique to where he was from and he surprised me when he said, “Today people in my country, my age, are escaping traditions not following them.”

But even though this Fashionisto may have been rebelling, each piece of his ensemble coordinated perfectly together without hinting at the insult that he in anyway dressed “boring.” In contrast to many other transfer students I’ve met from other countries, he was by far the most modest and humble dresser. Many students from other countries bring with them name brand and high quality clothes that everyone in college here might not be able to afford, but this Fashionisto did not flaunt these things. The irony between how many people expect him to dress and how he really dresses creates this Fashionistos iconic subtle flex.