STYLE ADVICE: How to Battle the Cold in Style

Baby, it’s cold outside! That’s what we’re all saying here in New York. Getting from school to home is a feat in itself. However, dressing smart for the weather is the key to braving February’s chilly days.  

Details, like a hat to cover your ears with, are a sure way to keep the cold from icing you out. In combination with a coat that does its job, you can’t go wrong. What kind of winter season would it be if we didn’t get some snow? Every day can’t be as sunny and nice as they’ve proven to be these last few weeks.  

This Fashionista is smart, because on a snowy and cold day, you need proper things for your feet and head. Her boots have the cutest insulation inside them, which keeps her toes nice and cozy and safe from that frigid winter wonder we call snow. Her headband is Kardashian-esque and I can’t help but fall in love with the vibe it gives her entire outfit. The coat is form-fitting and warm, so there’s no need to fret about not having the comfort of being toasty while looking your best.

I’m sure we’ll have plenty more days of snow and cold weather, but now’s the perfect time to test out your best outfit for braving it! You can find boot insulators for a reasonable price in many places, and they won’t be a sight for sore eyes. Or, maybe you feel weird about wearing a headband? Opt for a cute beanie that has a bit of fun to it. Can’t wait to see how amazing you guys will look with these new and improved winter wardrobes to test out on the streets of NYC!