STYLE ADVICE: Chic Encounter

Opting for a clean and comfortable look is sometimes all you’re in the mood for. Pairing an expressive top with a tomboy-esque military jacket allows you to harmonize traditional ends of the fashion spectrum like a well-fitted piece or a more structured coat. Anyone who really knows me knows that I love jackets: I’m always on the lookout for the next best outerwear piece. What I love about this particular jacket is the fact that it can actually be worn for more than a few days of the year in sunny Florida. It is light enough to not feel overbearing, while still allowing this Fashionista to express her personal style without being limited to the confines of tank tops and rompers. The sleeves are rolled up for a more laid-back feel, which her light accessories express as well.

Although her accessories are understated, I love the contrast of a dainty necklace and large sunglasses. The tortoiseshell print is one of my personal favorites, so I’m slightly biased in that department. However, they preserve her tendency to seek out classic, timeless additions to her wardrobe.

Makeup, as we all know, can drastically change someone’s look. For this Fashionista, it’s all about keeping it natural on the face with a bold pink lip. Outfits that are not as busy or cluttered with patterns and prints present you with the opportunity to adventure in other fields. The bright pink adds a personalized touch of sass and personality. The black peep toe heels are the perfect way to retain femininity in her look and prove that good shoes take you good places. Wherever this Fashionista is headed, she’s going in style.

My advice? Seek out and incorporate light layers that can be dressed up or down, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your make up while staying true to classier silhouettes and styles. Trendy but subtle accessories don’t go unnoticed, and they make all the difference in presentation.