STYLE ADVICE: Ballin' on a Budget

STYLE ADVICE: Ballin' on a Budget

Looking stylish while not breaking the bank can be a daunting task. Staples and trendy pieces can often be very expensive, and as college students sometimes we feel we can’t afford the look we want. However, many Fashionistas have mastered the art of dressing like the runway while paying a fraction of the cost.

While home for spring break I came across this comfy chic Fashionista rocking a very trendy cold shoulder top and asked her where she got it. It turns out she enjoys finding the best bargains she can! Here is some of her advice for getting great apparel items for an even better price:

Start by shopping in discount and outlet stores such as T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Ross etc. Thrift stores can have major gems, just be patient searching through all the clutter, it can also be a great place to find vintage items. Sign up for e-mail lists, mobile applications and rewards programs, especially for the more expensive stores you frequent. Only allow yourself to go into a more luxury retailer if you have a coupon or there is a promotion going on. Be patient, waiting to find that perfect piece or a killer sale will always serve you well in the end. Personalize what you own, you can DIY any old garments you have and recycle them into something trendy!

All in all this Fashionista loves fashion, she described her style as “casual, comfortable, and bright.” She is a firm believe that you can dress well without spending a ton of money! You can rock a pair of Goodwill mom jeans and make everyone think you bought them from Topshop.

In this particular outfit her favorite piece was the shirt, she described dark wash skinny jeans paired with a top and sneakers as her signature look. My favorite item was her mirrored aviators, I felt that they tied to look together and added a fun element. Her day time navy slip-ons were a recent purchase, she got them on sale at her local American Eagle Outfitters, they helped portray her comfy and cute style. This Fashionista looked fantastic for a day out with her friends, she looked super trendy while having a few extra dollars to get some ice cream!

This Fashionista gave us some great advice, don’t you think? I’m excited to have a thrifting day and treat myself to some comfy new additions to my wardrobe!