STYLE ADVICE: Athleisure is the New Black

STYLE ADVICE: Athleisure is the New Black

Who said Nikes had to just be for the gym? Athleisure is making its way to the top of everyone’s love list! Finally, we’ve been given a way to make sportswear into streetwear.

Athleisure is a new way to let go of the leggings and step into something a bit more fashionable. The perfect athleisure ensemble is sporty yet sultry and of course, comfortable.

To create an outfit that is the epitome of athleisure, there are a few fundamental pieces every Fashionista needs in their closet. Joggers are a staple piece when putting together the perfect athleisure look. This Fashionista is wearing knitted gray joggers with beautiful, black and white stripe detailing along the waistband to give the pants a fashionable quality to them. Along with the high-waisted joggers, she decided to pair it with a cropped hoodie in solid black to accentuate the black detailing on the pants.

Next, choosing the perfect pair of tennis shoes is just as important to an athleisure look as a pair of heels are to a red carpet appearance. So many brands are now making sneakers that are functional yet unbelievably fashionable, so there are plenty options to pick from! This Fashionista decided to rock a pair of plain black and white Nikes that are sleek and subtle. Lastly, a baseball cap was thrown on top of a messy braid to enhance the effortless vibe of the entire look.

From head to toe, this Fashionista is sporting an outfit that is game for anything!