Street Style Made Easy

We all see pictures of celebrities and famous bloggers online rocking edgy street wear that looks impossible to wear in everyday life.  However, when attempted, street style is a lot easier than it looks!  One trend that seems too daring to try is the mesh shirt, but, if you’re looking for the ultimate ’90s outfit, then mesh will be your best friend!

The first step to rocking the edgy trend is to really focus on the undergarments since they will be shown through the mesh. Also, it’s important to match the color of your bra to the color of your shirt to look more put together, making it less noticeable that you’re totally wearing a sheer shirt. Everyone is going to see it, so this is the best time to break out your best bra or bralette!

Since the shirt is such a statement piece the rest of the outfit doesn’t have to be too overdone. In this case, just a pair of loose mom jeans were worn as bottoms, adding to the ’90s style. Large accessories definitely aren’t necessary here, all that’s used is a chunky black belt to tie it all together. Trying to dress up the outfit a bit more? Add black Mary Janes! They add to the ’90s trend and are more unique than just regular black flats or sandals. With the basic pieces being used, the outfit is minimalistic enough to be rocked as everyday wear.

Pictures of street style found online can definitely be intimidating, but it’s not hard to reproduce in everyday wear. You would never believe this super simple outfit was put together so effortlessly!

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