The Affordable Beauty Brand Every College Student Needs To Try

The Affordable Beauty Brand Every College Student Needs To Try

Beauty is in the midst of a revolution. In the past few years, we’ve seen the introduction of several new brands and an obsession with experimenting with makeup.

Being beauty-obsessed, we want to try it all — from the no-makeup look to those advanced YouTube tutorials. But after spending hours reading reviews on multiple sites, we start to feel a bit overwhelmed by choice. At the end of the day, we want a brand that we can trust to be a one-stop-shop for all of our makeup and skincare needs.

So, when we had the chance to try Sephora Collection’s full product range, we jumped at the chance. The results blew us out of the water — this is not an average in-house brand, the quality of their products across categories is on par with brands that retail at triple their price point.

We were so impressed that we decided to team up with Sephora Collection to take these products on the road. We’ll be heading to DC, Philadelphia, and Boston so you can try all of these products IRL.

The best part of it all? You can win $500 to Sephora Collection, which buys you everything below and so much more. To enter, upload an Instagram of your favorite fall beauty look, tag @SC and @CFashionista, and use the hashtag #CFBeautySweepstakes.

Keep reading for a sneak peak at some of our favorite products from our Beauty Road Trip!

For when you’re lounging in your dorm:







For your first internship interview:







For a night out:







Created with Sephora Collection
Cover photo by Eliza Huber