STYLE GURU BIO: Sasha Mashchenko

January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Sasha Mashchenko

Hey, my name is Sasha. I am currently in my sophomore year of school at Madison College, and my first semester as a Style Guru with College Fashionista! I am beyond excited to start this journey and see where it takes me. Madison, Wisconsin has been home ever since I moved to the states from Kiev, Ukraine when I was 10 years old.

Beside my love for fashion, my love for dogs is enormous; especially my little teddy-bear puppy Khloe. In my free time I enjoy browsing the Internet for online only sales, and overall fun pieces that are up for snags for an incredible price. There is nothing better than looking elegant and high end while knowing that you stole the look for a winner price. Another passion of mine is reading and writing. It is the best escape from any stress that you might be dealing with—and being a college student, we know there is a lot.

I have traveled back to Ukraine since my move to the states. The difference in fashion, and street style is very apparent. I feel very blessed that I not only have a place I can still call home that is across the world, but also have the opportunity to explore my style through multiple cultures.

My go to look is denim, denim, denim. It is so fun to dress up or down, and fit your personality as you wish. Another key to my everyday look is simplicity; you can never go wrong with a simple, sharp look. I am a total accessories fanatic, therefore it is easy to add flare and contrast to a simple black T-shirt I might be wearing on any given day.

As I walk through the mall, I can’t pass by Gap, Banana Republic, or Michael Kors without stopping in and browsing through the racks. They always have my go-tos, and new inspiration at great quality with affordable prices.

Today is the perfect representation of me: Simple, yet high end. First the basics: My black skinny jeans are from Gap and are a must have staple in my closet, paired with a black tank top on top to keep things simple. To stay warm during the chilly December weather, I am wearing a tan Banana Republic cashmere cardigan—soft and irreplaceable! As for the shoes, my personal favorites are the black suede Michael Kors booties with gold accents. The accessories are a must, as any Fashionista knows. The ones I chose for my look include a gold Michael Kors watch, the large Dillon Saffiano Michael Kors Satchel, and my two every day essential bracelets: Tiffany & Co. and Pandora—a girl’s best friends.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity, and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and style with you. Tune in!