RISING STAR—Danielle Prescod

ELLE, Teen Vogue, InStyle. If it seems that Danielle Prescod’s résumé reads like the ideal magazine subscription round-up, you would be right. But living the fashion career dream did not just happen to Prescod by chance. She made it happen. Starting in college, Prescod interned, put in the time and proved to be an indispensable asset to the editors she worked under. Fast-forward a few years and now she is a major fashion star on the rise.

Prescod shares with us her secrets to success, as well as dispenses some of her favorite fashion “trends” of the moment and beyond (she is InStyle‘s Accessories Editor, after all).

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CollegeFashionista: Where did you go to school and what did you study? 

Danielle Prescod: I went to NYU, the Gallatin School of Individualized Study so I sort of studied everything. You make your own major at Gallatin. My major was fashion theory. 

CF: You’ve been an intern to employee expert. What’s your secret to scoring a job after your internship is over?

DP: I was always around as an intern. I didn’t study abroad or take a Christmas break or a spring break or anything so I had a ton of face time with the editors and they began to trust me. I was basically working as an assistant the entire time I was in college so then by the time I was ready for a job, I was really ready. 

CF: What are some do’s and don’t of being a young editor in the fashion industry? 

DP: Some do’s are to be a “yes” person. Being a team player is also so important. Some of my best relationships are with coworkers because we spend so much time together so making sure that everyone feels that you are a team player is important. A don’t would be being really greedy for recognition and fame. If you are good at your job, all of that stuff will come but it is really gross when people chase after it and don’t have the work to back it up. 

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CF: Congratulations on your new position at InStyle! What are some of your day-to-day tasks as an Accessories Editor? 

DP: So my job consists  mainly of covering the contemporary market for shoes, bags, watches and jewelry. I spend half of the day on market appointments viewing the latest collections and then the other part making requests for stories and sorting through pitches. I also contribute to the website, so I am always looking at celebrity news and Instagram for inspiration. 

CF: You’ve written for a lot of different publications. What’s your favorite story you have written or contributed to writing? And why? 

DP: This is so hard. I have so many babies! Okay, personally I think that when I tried to turn myself into a Victoria’s Secret Angel (which I am still trying to do by the way), that was one of my favorites. But also, anything that I worked on as a collaboration was really special. Sally Holmes and I had at least three stories about Kim Kardashian that Kim personally read and that is thrilling. 

CF: What’s the one accessory you will never leave your house without?

DP: Sunglasses 

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CF: What are some of the biggest summer 2015 accessory trends?

DP: Knee high lace up sandals, layered necklaces and bandanas/headscarves. 

CF: What inspires your everyday style? 

DP: I always say that I am urban preppy. I grew up in New York City but my formative years were spent in Greenwich, Connecticut, so I think you can probably tell some of that by the way I dress. 

CF: What’s your favorite fashion trend of all time? 

DP: I don’t really believe in trends but I will forever love a lace up shoe. Right now the lace up flat is having a moment but I don’t discriminate. I will do a heel too! 

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CF: What’s one fashion trend you refuse/ed to follow?

DP: Well, I think knowing what looks good on you is important. There are so many things I just can’t wear with my body, no matter how much I want to! Anything with a drop-waist looks horrible on me! 

CF: What’s your favorite social media app to use and why?

DP: My favorite social media app is Snapchat. I am private on snap chat and I use it all day long. It’s for the real homies only because I am always snapping myself without makeup and in my Spanx. Nothing is off limits and then it’s gone in 24 hours so I only let people I really trust view the snap story.