5 Rainy-Day Outfits to Copy When You Just Can’t Deal With the Gloom

January 31st, 2018 at 2:00am
Rainy day outfits.

Rainy days might be a minor inconvenience, but they’re also a good excuse to relax. I typically spend rainy days listening to piano music with a pleasant-smelling candle lit by my side. But when it comes to rainy-day outfits, it’s totally normal to be unsure about what to wear. Do you wear those shiny shoes you just splurged on but don’t actually know what to pair with? The turtleneck you’re now second guessing? The jeans that suddenly don’t work with anything in your closet? Don’t fret—rainy days are the perfect days to layer all your pieces to create an ensemble that will keep you cozy and dry all day long.

Choose an Upgraded Essential for a Twist on a Classic

We’ve come a long way from rain boots and trench coats. Make a statement with patent waterproof shoes paired with an elegant jacket for a spin on the classic rainy-day look.

PHOTO: @typicaltuyen

Stay Lowkey With Laid-Back Denim

The secret to a successful rainy-day outfit? Comfort. Try these denim overalls for a chilled-out look all while maintaining those polished vibes.

PHOTO: @jillruder

Pair Professional Separates With Protective Accessories

If you’re not feeling denim, opt for some slacks, like a stylish striped pair. Play it up with a leather jacket or tone it down with some white sneakers. Or better yet, try wearing both!

Keep Bad Hair Days at Bay With a Baseball Cap

Sporty hats are an effortless way to hide any unwanted rainy-day hair while also helping you stay dry all day. Adding a leather jacket also takes the outfit from simple to chic.

Go Bold With Unexpected Accessories

Who said wearing black and white was boring? Play with layers to add a spark to your rainy-day ensemble by adding a casual blazer and pairing it shorts with tights. An added beret and chunky shoes will keep the precipitation from ruining your look.

Featured photo by @sydneyhelphenstine.