Turns Out Your Next Vacation Destination is Closer and Easier Than You Think

Turns Out Your Next Vacation Destination is Closer and Easier Than You Think

For the busy Fashionista, summer days are often scheduled full of family vacations, internships, and eight-hour work shifts. It’s important to put ourselves first every once in a while and find new ways to have fun. I am a huge believer in taking time to exhale from all of life’s stresses. One of my favorite ways to do so is to squeeze in mini day-trips whenever I can to clear my head. Here’s how I achieve the perfect mini day trip getaway.

Day Trip Getaway - 1I love to scroll through Instagram to decide where I would like to go to for a day trip. By scrolling through your favorite blogger’s feed who generally lives in your area, you can find so many unique places that happen to be not too far from you. Since I live in Southern California, I’ve found a lot of fun places through L.A. bloggers such as Cactus Mountain in Joshua Tree, Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach, and El Matador Beach in Malibu.

Day Trip Getaway - 2

The second step to achieving a relaxing, mini day trip is to create your ideal playlist filled with your favorite tunes to blast through the car speakers. My go-tos typically include Rooney, The Rolling Stones, and Homeshake. Before heading out the door, protect yourself from harsh UV rays shining down on you with your favorite hat and sunglasses, throw your current page turning read into your bag, and voila! Let’s get on the road.

Lastly, what creates a great getaway is sharing your trip with a good company and documenting it along the way. When traveling anywhere, whether it be abroad or just two hours away, I value being open minded and not always necessarily having a set plan. Some of the best trips come out of wandering around and finding new hidden treasures that feel like it’s a place only you and your adventure buddy know. In order to remember exactly how I felt in that moment, I love having my camera on hand at all times so I can keep those moments with me forever.

Where would you go on your day trip getaway? Let me know in the comments below!