Off-Campus Fall Activities to Celebrate Pumpkin Season the Right Way

October 5th, 2018 at 5:00pm

Pumpkin season has arrived! It’s time to put that crop top in your summer storage and pull out your coziest sweatsuit because it’s officially pumpkin season. Since we’re transitioning into breezy nights and shorter days, your friends might want to stay in their houses more often. As we all know, this season for college students is a time of extreme focus due to midterms, keeping up with your class readings or lab reports, maintaining your overall health, and other issues us college kids endure. It’s up to us to keep things flowing to break up the repetition of a school week. Let’s get into some fun activities, shall we?

Have you ever wondered what else you could possibly do on a chilly Friday night? (Besides staying in the house, of course.) No need to think too hard. I’m here to give you some of the best off-campus activities for a night like this! As a college student living on campus, I understand the struggle of making plans and questioning if your friends will actually go through with them. These activities will ensure that they will.

Best Attire for Off-Campus Fall Activities

First, our community knows you can’t do all of these festivities without a rad outfit. Throw something cute on while remaining comfy. We all know that comfort is key! I know being in college sometimes makes you care less about how you look, but you’ll probably want to document the good times. Style a sweater with a pair of trendy leopard print flats. Or rock a pair of culotte-style jeans with a teddy jacket. The options are endless. Fall weather can be feisty, so dress in layers. The mentioned activities are also great places to find Insta-worthy backgrounds. Take plenty of pictures and videos. Just thank me later.

15 Best Fall Activities

  • Indoor skydiving. Tap into your inner daredevil! This is dependent on your location, though.
  • Hit up a lounge for music, drinks, and food with your crew.
  • Paint balling. This is especially cool for college students who attend a school in a rural or “woods-y” area.
  • Movie night at a theatre with the lounge seating OR iPic Theatre. I suggest iPic if you’re near one in the city.
  • Have a game night at a friends house. Uno, What Do You Meme?, any game will do really.
  • Race car driving.
  • Night drives. These are always chill friend dates to go on. Open the sunroof and blast some music.
  • Research any upcoming college events. A fashion show? Banquet? Performances? Getting extra beautified with your girls and going out is always a good time. Don’t forget to take pictures.
  • Restaurant hop around your college town. You’re bound to like something.
  • Pumpkin and apple picking. This is always a cool way to ring in the brisk weather!
  • Exercise class. Try yoga or dancing. I recommend a “Soca ‘n’ Sweat” class if it’s available in your area.
  • Spa day. A relaxing day of being pampered is always essential. Go treat yourself!
  • Acrobatics excursion. Some malls, depending on your location, have acrobat sessions with a professional in the mall.
  • Dave & Busters. A classic.

  • Open Mic Nights. If you’re into the arts such as slam poetry, singing, rapping, etc. this is the activity for you.

There you have it. A few things to get you going this semester to unwind after a strenuous day of classes. We’re all trying to stay warm on a cold night, but these activities will keep you entertained if they’re what you’re into. To the community members reading this while saying, “I don’t know, I’ve never tried that before,” I challenge you to take a huge step out of your comfort zone! Grab your crew and try something brand new.

Opening photo by Hadley Robinson.

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