Seven Neutral Looks We Are Anything But Neutral About

Monochrome is often set aside in the warmer months—at least in years prior to this summer. Neutral and minimal looks are just about everywhere this season; we are seeing less combinations of shocking colors with loud patterns and more toned-down outfit schemes. Not to say color is gone completely from our summer wardrobes, but it does seem like monochrome is having its time in the sun this year.

It’s easy to put together a monochromatic look, but it’s how to make it summer appropriate which can be the ultimate task. Our Style Gurus have been serving up some black, white and gray all-over looks that are street style and editorial worthy. Check out how they have managed to keep it neutral, even in the heat of it all.

1—Adding a pastel shade to a monochromatic look creates a soft and neutral look that is just bright enough for summer (Photo via @sumaiyahhh)


2—Bodysuits in traditional grayscale tones are both a functional base and add an eye-catching silhouette (Photo via @sarahdewald)


3—Color-blocking doesn’t always have to be massive swatches of bright colors; finding a piece with a monochromatic scheme is wearable for almost any occasion! (Photo via @frankirudnesky)


4—Break up black and white outfits with texture; a lacy slip on top of a traditional cotton T-shirt paired with a velvet choker adds decadence and practical layering (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)


5—Co-ords are a great way to show off personal style while still maintaining a monochromatic vibe. Try a large pattern in black and white to create a minimal look that shows off your attention to detail (Photo via @indiesunblog)


6—All white outfits are the essence of summer. Keeping patterns small and lines clean can create a polished look (Photo via @__shadesofjade__)

6_ __shadesofjade__

7— A good pair of light wash jeans are both a neutral piece to contrast strictly monochrome pieces. Match these textured jeans with solid colors to create a sleek, yet edgy, outfit (Photo via @kaylabarrow_)