How to Make a Statement at Graduation

June 5th, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Make a Statement at Graduation

Graduation day is all about celebrating your greatest achievements with your professors, friends, and family. Regardless of the degree you are receiving and whether the degree is in high school, college, or graduate school, graduation is the closing of a chapter and beginning of another. Of course, graduation day would not be complete without your tassel, gown, and cap. In recent years, students have made decorating their caps a part of the graduation experience. Not only does decorating your cap make it easier for your family to spot you in the crowd of millions of students, but it also allows you to be creative, express yourself, and celebrate your achievements in your own way.

Below are just a few images of these amazing caps that popped out in the sea of blue at the Fashion Institute of Technology graduation this past May!

Students get the chance to be creative with their caps to show them off on the big day. They are inspired by celebrities, memes seen on Twitter or Instagram, family and friends, or even the major they are graduating from. There are many forms of inspiration that help to make each cap unique and special for the graduate. Before starting this DIY project, students take time off from their busy schedules to run down to their nearest arts and crafts store to pick up the supplies needed to create their masterpieces. A few of these supplies could be ribbon, stickers, embellishments, scrapbook paper, paint, and pre-cut letters: the list goes on!

Because everyone is wearing the same-colored cap and gown, it is hard to differentiate the graduate from the mass of students. Decorated caps allow them to show off their one-of-a-kind personalities and express their ideas and thoughts. Many times, these caps have heartwarming quotes or funny sayings that others can relate to as well. Students get to add little hints and details of what makes them special and stand out. Depending on the student, some go all out and others remain more minimalistic.

At the end of the day, everyone is there to celebrate your achievements. Many students have dedicated their caps to acknowledge and thank their parents, families, professors, and friends who inspire and push them to be the best and have helped them get where they are today. Some focus on where they come from and the journey they’ve taken that makes graduation day such a special experience. Others just acknowledge the fact that they received another degree to add on to the list and that they are finally done with school forever. Regardless, these decorated caps are just another touch to an already special occasion that only comes around a few times in one’s life. Don’t be afraid to get creative, show off your caps, and be yourself on graduation day because it is all about you!

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