The Trends Our UK-Based Community Members Can't Stop Wearing This Summer

The Trends Our UK-Based Community Members Can't Stop Wearing This Summer

The UK has brought me so many good things—Harry Potter, which consumed my middle school life, the beautiful boys of One Direction who are still consuming my life, and of course, a royal family to live vicariously through (Meghan Markle, I’m talking about you). But one of the Brit’s greatest gifts is London and all the fashion inspiration packed inside. This summer, a handful of College Fashionista Community Members have been living across the pond and their outfits have been killer. I mean, these ladies’ looks have been so on point that I didn’t even notice Big Ben was under construction in the background of their #OOTDs. I reached out to seven of these Community Members for their takes on London style and the scoop on what trends are taking over Great Britain. Keep reading for all the English outfit inspo.

London Study Abroad Striped Outfit

PHOTO: Megan Yancey, University of Missouri

The Spot: Big Ben

What to Wear: A Tank Top and Striped Pants

Interning at UK-based M&Co has taught University of Missouri senior Megan Yancey a lot about her own personal fashion sense. Megan says that working in the office has “definitely made me start dressing more my style and be a little more experimental with my outfits! Everyone wears what they want, so it’s nice to be in that like-minded creative environment where I can play with what I want to wear.” This ability to experiment with outfits has helped Megan discover a love for statement pieces which can be seen in this look she wore while sightseeing by the Big Ben. “I’m definitely into statement pants and denim at the moment,” she said. “they make the outfit stand out without me having to try too hard.”

London Study Abroad Workwear Outfit

PHOTO: Sammy Napolitano, Ohio State University

The Spot: Notting Hill

What to Wear: Track Pants and a Ruffled Top

While interning abroad for Estée Lauder, Ohio State University Student Sammy Napolitano noticed that Londoners’ workwear separates never got a day off. “I noticed that people definitely wore items that they also wear to work like blazers, dress pants, and elevated track pants on the weekend,” she said. In order to dress her work pants down, Sammy relied on more basic pieces to make her outfit ideal for a day spent exploring London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. “I was able to take pants I normally wore to my internship and restyle them with a casual, sweet ruffle tank to turn them into a more weekend appropriate look that was also super comfortable for tons of sightseeing”

London Study Abroad Sweater Outift

PHOTO: Dana Durante, Illinois State University

The Spot: Kensington

What to Wear: A Distressed Sweater and Black Trousers

Even though Illinois State University student Dana Durante was traveling through London for a short period of time, she quickly picked up on British style cues. London summers aren’t as hot as one would expect—in fact, they can be kind of chilly, especially during the first few weeks. So, Dana kept that in mind for her London looks. “I’m the kind of person who wants to dress for the weather and a light sweater like this was perfect for breezy London,” she said. Dana also noticed the Brits attention to detail, and used her fun sweater to elevate her otherwise casual outfit. As far as her notes on Londoners’ footwear of choice: “Don’t forget the sneakers!

London Study Abroad Button-Up Outfit

PHOTO: Julia Michael, Liberty University

The Spot: Camden Town

What to Wear: A Button-Down and Black Jeans

Julia Michael, a Liberty University student interning at TFC Fashion, has noticed that even though most Londoners tend to wear whatever they please, there’s a commonality in varying styles: Everyone looks put-together 24/7. “You rarely see a girl in gym clothes or a guy in sweats unless it’s been really thought out in an outfit,” she said. Julia has found inspiration in the sophistication of British fashion and it influenced her to style this outfit she wore for photos in Camden Town in away she otherwise wouldn’t wear at home. “I would never button a shirt all the way up, tuck it in, or wear both a loose fitting blouse and loose jeans,” she said. “But here it’s fun to experiment and get inspiration from others.”

London Study Abroad Dress Outfit

PHOTO: Jordan Bauth, Buffalo State College

The Spot: Buckingham Palace

What to Wear: A Ruffled Dress and Sneakers

On warmer days spent hitting up London’s best tourist destinations, comfort is key. Jordan Bauth, a Buffalo State College senior, stuck to an easy, breezy outfit while sightseeing at Buckingham Palace. “A flowy spaghetti strap dress is definitely the way to go when taking on a day in the city,” she said. “This dress is comfy and breathable, but also super cute for any occasion.” She also kept comfort in mind when it came to selecting her kicks, which she noted were trending in London. “I’ve definitely noticed an overwhelming amount of people pairing sneakers with dresses,” Jordan said. “I’ve seen dresses paired with stan smiths and vans especially.”

London Study Abroad Bodysuit Outfit

PHOTO: Gabriela Casella, Fashion Institute of Technology

The Spot: Maida Vale

What to Wear: A Bodysuit and Culottes

One trend FIT junior Gabriela Casella noticed while interning at The Daily Mirror: Ruffles! “Ruffles were everywhere while I was in London so I knew I had to incorporate them into some of my outfits,” she said. Gabriela chose a white bodysuit with ruffled details to nod to the trend while exploring London’s Maida Vale area and paired it with colorful culottes. “I loved this outfit because it was such a summery one- perfect to beat the heatwave,” Gabriela said. “The bodysuit was super easy to style and the pink in the pants added a nice pop of color.”

London Study Abroad Heels Outfit

PHOTO: Gretchen Reese, University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire

The Spot: Holborn

What to Wear: Slingback Heels and Structured Denim

Gretchen Reese, a senior at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire noticed Londoner’s habit of elevating their basic pieces. For a night spent on Bloomsbury Ave in London’s Holborn neighborhood, Gretchen took two of the most causal items in her closet, jeans and a tee, and made them look polished be adding a pair of heels. “I’ve been taking inspiration from the edgy streetwear and refined work staples like a pointed toe slingback that can be worn day to night,” she said. To make this an all-day look, Gretchen recommended starting the day off in sneakers and a denim jacket and making a few changes come night time. “Start the day with trainers, a tee, and a denim jacket,” she said. “Swap the trainers for heels and the denim for leather and you’re set for an evening look. It feels very fresh and polished—two adjectives that I quite like when describing my personal style.”

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Opening image by Sammy Napolitano.