According To This Expert, Here's Why Your Favorite Color Isn't Going Anywhere

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by David Wolfe, creative director of The Doneger Group. The entire presentation was incredibly encouraging and exciting. There are so many amazing advancements being made not only in fashion, but in the world itself.

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, but there are also aspects of fashion that change slowly or hardly at all. This interesting perspective was separated into three topics; each one focused on developments and mind sets, trends that are moving quickly, and trends that we continue to see repeatedly.

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Mr. Wolfe informed us of several astounding technological advancements that are happening outside of the world of fashion. He made it clear that it is important to be informed and understand current happenings to gain inspiration for future trends. Did you know that this year testing will begin on air buses that fly above the streets in New York City? Sound like something out of a utopian future movie, doesn’t it?

This is also the direction fashion is moving. Clothing is being made for the modern individual. The purpose of clothing is no longer exclusively looks; function is quickly becoming a key piece of the equation. This also leads into architecture. When there is no room to build out, up is the next best option. Before long, many will be living above the clouds.

One of my favorite things that Mr. Wolfe touched on was the comeback of color. In his opinion, one I agree with, there should not be a color of the year. The color of the year should be every color. In a world dominated with black-and-white he predicts that color will begin seeping back into the wardrobes of many.

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Next, Mr. Wolfe discussed with us the aspects of fashion that are moving rapidly. A few of these pieces included: buy-now-wear-now, oversized pieces, and powerful prints. Today’s world is a fast one and fashion is no exception. This idea isn’t referring to fast-fashion stores, but the concept of wanting to try the newest trends when they first appear. People want things instantly, which is why the buy-now-wear-now trend has been seen more than ever this year.

The goal to be perfect is gone and we have quickly started celebrating things that make us unique. The turn to bold prints, mismatched pieces and oversized everything is quickly taking over.

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Finally, he spoke about trends that stick around year after year with little to no change. These are staples that will always remain, and are applied to the faster moving trends. A few that Mr. Wolfe mentioned were: the dark side, black, florals and neo-classic. Prints like florals and stripes will never disappear, and neither will all black. These are staples that will stick around forever.

Print and color are not the only things that we continue to see year after year. Feminine sheers and soft silhouettes, minimalism, and athleisure will never go anywhere. He also touched upon the fact that each year the same trends are presented as new, but it different ways. For example; safari, menswear for women and military have all been popular trends that are incredibly similar.

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Hearing these unique and in-depth perspectives on the future of fashion was incredibly inspiring. I was able to look at trends I am currently seeing with a fresh pair of eyes and everyone left feeling excited for whatever comes next.

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