How To Keep Black and White Classy for Summer

How To Keep Black and White Classy for Summer

If anyone were to look through my wardrobe, they would see that a majority of it consists of black and white. I feel most confident and comfortable when I wear those colors and therefore, when I’m shopping, I always tend to go for black and white pieces before thinking about adding any colors. This leaves me feeling distraught when summer rolls around and I see people in bright fuchsia, turquoise, and other summery colors and prints. But to all my other black-and-white-loving ladies, have fear no more: there is always a way to make a classic black and white combo work for summertime.

Black and white are two colors that can automatically make you look classy no matter what, which is why I love to wear them so much. You could wear them on their own and rock an all-white outfit for brunch or an all-black outfit for a night out. Or you can do what this Fashionista did and mix the two!

This Fashionista chose a funky pair of vertical striped black and white shorts. Vertical stripes are not only a hot trend right now, but they also instantly slim your body by making your legs look extra long. She kept the look classy by pairing the shorts with a plain black crop top which helps to keep the shorts the focal point of the look.

She accessorized with a plain black crossbody bag and black platform sandals, which gave her that added height without having to deal with the pain of actual heels—perfect for a day of walking around.

As for jewelry, she kept it simple with some trending pieces right now, including silver hoop earrings, a silver choker, and a few beaded bracelets. These pieces are cool but classy, and keep the vibe she is going for with her look.

So if you are like me and fear color, there is always a way to make the colors you feel comfortable in functional and fashionable for any season. I know that I will keep rocking my black and white outfits throughout the rest of the summer, and I will feel classy doing so.

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