January Letter from the Editor: Endless Possibilities

January 1st, 2019 at 5:00pm

We did it. After a rough 2017, we managed to grab this year by the horns and find some stable footing. It’s amazing what can happen in 365 days, and while it may have felt like blur, I encourage you to remember all you’ve accomplished this past year. Whether it was something as big as graduating and scoring a new job or something as small as starting a savings account, there’s reason to celebrate.

We’re basically living in a time when everything feels up in the air and unsure. Being in school, or fresh out of it, only adds to this overwhelming uncertainty. When the world is in a state of confusion and worry, it’s easier to feel this way on a smaller scale. But don’t let changes and uncomfortable shifts make you question your personal goals, dreams, and motives. You’re allowed to feel excited and passionate, even in times of stress and anger. Letting the general mood of society set the tone for your life gives fear the upper hand. You’re too valuable to do that to yourself. This is why we’ve chosen the theme “endless possibilities” for January. You have the power, smarts, strength, and wit to overcome obstacles and get what you want.

When you’re in college, it’s easy to feel like there are limits, ceilings, and borders holding you back from what you dream of doing. The truth is, none of those actually exist. Free yourself from the notion that you can’t do something, because you most certainly can. The minute you set yourself free from the barriers you’ve placed on yourself, that’s when the endless possibilities you are capable of will present themselves. I can’t lie though; this is obviously easier said than done.

Personally, after I graduated I felt somewhat defeated. What was supposed to be a time of excitement felt more like a time to panic about what the future held. I had high expectations for what I thought I needed to have aligned and squared away post-grad. Why didn’t I have a job already? Why hadn’t I set a plan for moving to New York? Why was I so behind? While I’ve managed to reign my thoughts back in, I still often have to remind myself of the power of patience and the thought that there really are endless possibilities.

I challenge you to relentlessly fight for your goals this year. Put your energy toward taking action, rather than crafting elaborate limitations in your head that are nonexistent. Be ruthless and unabating when it comes to finding ways to grab your dreams. Take five minutes to write down all that you’d like to manifest in the next 365 days, and don’t stop until you see it all take form. It’s hard work, yes, but you’ve already got exactly what you need to do it. 

We’re cheering you on from over here.