IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cat’s Out of the Bag

Ladies, put on your armor! In the words of character John Keating from Dead Poets Society, “This is a battle, a war and the causalities could be your heart and soul!” But it’s those days when you have your “armor” on that you know the hearts that are breaking are definitely not your own.

I spotted this Fashionista on the street and knew she had her armor on in the form of some amazing accessories. While her gorgeous green mini dress and booties definitely caught my eye at first, it was bag that truly stood out to me. Her bright blue kate spade bag was the focal point of her look. This bag is such a unique piece that it could be added to anything in order to transform a look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Bold bags are such an important trend because they allow for a form of expression that was previously confined to clothing and shoes. Fashion is a frontier and there is always a new aspect of it to be explored. This Fashionista doesn’t just stop with her bag though; the unique necklace that she wears also draws attention. The shape of it reminds me of a combination of a lamp and an hourglass. However, the necklace isn’t too flashy that it takes away from the statement bag that this Fashionista chose for her look.

Our accessories are our armor in battle and it’s not our fault that it can make us break a few hearts in the process.

How To: Start out with basics. I always like to go simple with dark jeans and a plain T-shirt. Then start adding your armor in the form of a bold lip, funky necklace and a bold bag. You’ll be ready to take on the world!