IN HER SPACE: Jasmine Snow

Sometimes, the thought of growing up and entering the real world after college can be quite intimidating. Work, bills and deadlines—no thank you. But there are plenty of perks to being an “adult” as well—like no more exams, meals better than Ramen and, perhaps the best part, a more “grown up” apartment.

Jasmine Snow, a freelance style expert and on-air fashion personality, admits her design taste has come a long way since her days at FIT. She has applied her over seven years of experience at national fashion magazines not only to craft her enviable personal style, but her gorgeous design aesthetic as well. From lush fabrics to pops of metallics, Jasmine’s apartment will have you hurrying to graduate and enter the real world.

We caught up with Jasmine as she gave us a glimpse insider her NYC apartment and talked with us about how her knowledge and passion for fashion and accessories has shaped her living space.

CollegeFashionista: How has your apartment style evolved since you graduated from FIT?

Jasmine Snow: My apartment style has evolved A LOT since I graduated from school. I used to be all about lots of bold color and a lot to look at visually. Now my style has simplified. I like things that are clean but still have small bops of bold color, or graphic patterns. I love texture as well. My knowledge of fashion and just getting older has given me a better idea of what I like and what I want my space to look like everyday.

CF: How would you describe your interior design aesthetic?

JS: I like to keep things clean and simplified but always with an element of glamour. I love pops of color and high shine pieces. I have a mirrored console table under the TV in our living room that is my favorite piece in the whole apartment. It sparkles no matter what, and is a big standout piece. It makes the other more simplified pieces stand out. 

CF: Accessories definitely play a big role in your work like so how do they translate to your apartment decor?

JS: I love metals. I think this definitely comes from always having the urge to put a piece of jewelry to accessorize something. It could be metal nailhead studs on a piece of furniture like the headboard of my bed, or can be the metal in the legs of my coffee table. It adds shine and structure and I love that. I also love vintage handbags and have a small collection. To me they are just as important as photography and art work that I like to look at every day hanging on my walls so why not hang them too?! I have a few that are hanging on a large wall that we keep all of our artwork on. They give the wall a totally different texture and I love it.

CF: What is your favorite room to spend time in?

JS: I love our living room. Because there are so many straight lines and lots of glass in this apartment it took a lot of effort make sure the living room still felt cozy and welcoming to our many friends we host. We got a huge super comfy couch you can sink into, and it has amazing views. Also it’s open to the kitchen that I’m usually cooking or baking in, so I can still be a part of whatever else is going on in the apartment. 

CF: Who or what inspires your apartment style?

JS: I get tons of inspirations from retail stores and boutiques, and boutique hotels in NYC. They have the freedom ( and the budget) to really go wild with their decor and it’s so inspiring to me. I love to take different ideas and translate it to how it could work in my apartment on a smaller scale. 

CF: What is the most relaxing space in your apartment?

JS: My bedroom is the most relaxing space in my apartment. I have a big comfortable bed with lots of soft sheets and soft lighting. I love just snuggling up in there and watching a movie on freezing NYC nights. It has tons of glass so I get a great view of the city too.

CF: What advice would you give a college graduate decorating their apartment?

JS: The best thing to do is be yourself and experiment! It will be one of the only times in your life that you may live alone again. Once you move in with a guy or get married your style has to also work for that person. When you’re living alone you can do WHATEVER you want! Looking back now, I would have liked to taken a little more risk and stopped trying to be so grown up and mature with my decor. Just because you get a real job and a new apartment doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! 

Photo credit: Jing Chen