14 Galentine’s Day Stories to Inspire Your Own BFF Date Night

14 Galentine’s Day Stories to Inspire Your Own BFF Date Night

So, what is Galentine’s Day? That’s a question we’re more than happy to answer. This pre-Valentine’s Day celebration is a day that was created to proclaim the love we have for our girl friends—because seriously, who doesn’t love having their your besties by their side? As Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec’s leading lady once said, Galentine’s Day is “Only the best day of the year.” Truth be told, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t agree with this statement. If you want to join in on the fun and show your crew how much you love them, we’ve rounded up our community’s favorite Galentine’s Day activities to do this February 13.

“Last year, my friends and I got some cheese, crackers and little desserts from Trader Joe’s. Then, we went home and watched a couple of our favorite childhood movies. It was a fun night of singing and dancing—just what you need to remind you how much you love your girls.” — Maya Fleming, Georgetown University class of 2019

“My best friend and I have a tradition of being each other’s Valentines. We get each other giant teddy bears, cards bigger than our bodies, and say how much we appreciate one another. My BFF is my first soulmate.” — Isabel Goychochea, Johnson & Wales University class of 2020

“My favorite Galentine’s Day activity is getting all my single girlfriends together to go see a movie. We all buy our favorite candy, ice cream, and drinks, and then go see one of the new releases at the local movie theatre. I’ve done this for the past few years now. It’s my favorite tradition.” — Hayden Massey, Fashion Institute of Technology class of 2019

“I love going out, but I feel like the best Galentine’s Day is one that’s spent at home. One of my favorite memories with my girlfriends was when we put on our coziest pajamas, ordered pizza, ate crazy amounts of chocolate, and had a Friends marathon. It was such a chill, simple night, but so much fun.” — Sharin Soomero, St. John’s University class of 2020

“My sorority has a Galentine’s Night each year! My favorite one ever was when one of the girls planned it to be similar to a night on the TV show The Bachelor. We even got special roses with personal sayings on them. Everyone dressed up, had snacks, and took cute pictures.” — Nikki Paige, North Carolina State University class of 2018

“My freshman year of college, I unexpectedly got a few candy grams in the mail from friends, and it brought me all the feels. It’s definitely been my favorite Galentine’s Day memory to date.” — Lola Adewuya, Dartmouth University class of 2020

“In high school, my friends and I were super into all things One Direction. One year for Valentine’s Day, my school’s student council had personal “song-grams” for sale. Recipients of song grams got to be personally serenaded (acapella, I might add) in the middle of their class. My BFF sent me the song “Kiss You” by One Direction. The guy who was singing came in during my French class and I turned bright red. Awkward moments aside, it was actually pretty funny.” — Anna Wade, ESMOD International class of 2019

“Every year, I like to print Drake Valentine’s Day cards for my entire girl gang. Inside each one, I put a personalized message reminding them how much they mean to me. Who needs a S.O. when you have BFFs this great?” — Gabrielle Sherer, Bloomberg University class of 2019

“My best friends and I aren’t very “lovey” people, so we’re never very excited for all the Valentine’s Day hoopla. However, we celebrate Galentine’s Day the way we know best. We make way too many snacks (my special sprinkle cake included) and watch movies that we love. Between Legally Blonde and all the laughs we have, every year gets better. Galentine’s Day is about cherishing and spending time with those you love, and I for sure love my girls. — Samantha Ellis, University of Kansas class of 2016

“Last year, my whole group got together to support my friend whose date didn’t show up to their dinner that night. As soon as she told us the news, we all got dressed up, took cute photos, and took her out on our own date at Cheesecake Factory. We ended our night watching cheesy romantic comedies—dessert in hand. I’m so fond of this memory because it made my friend group stronger and reminded us that the best love comes from your friends.” — Ally Rose, Fairleigh Dickinson University class of 2020

“My favorite Galentine’s Day was when three of my friends and I went to the movies. After the movie, we had a sleepover and spent the night just talking and eating chocolate-covered strawberries.” — Katerina Lamorgese, Fashion Institute of Technology class of 2019

“My favorite Galentine’s Day activity is binge-watching The Bachelor with my friends. One time, we even played out our own version—roses and all. We also baked cakes and cookies, which made it an even more perfect night.” — Sydney Helphenstine, Marymount University class of 2019

“On one of my favorite Galentine’s Days, I went to see a movie with my good friends. Cliché, I know, but since none of us had boyfriends to spend time with at the time, we made it into a girls day and had a lot of fun. We also went shopping, had a sleepover at my friend’s house, watched even more movies, and played card games all night.” — Sydney Squires, Fashion Institute of Technology class of 2021

“ My favorite Galentine’s Day memory with my friends goes all the way back to high school. Each year, while my friends and I were single, we would always send each other a rose to be delivered to our classes. Now that we’re all in college, we still carry on the tradition—even though we’re in different states. It’s like Secret Santa, but with roses to show love to my girls.” — Luisa Ligorria, Marymount University class of 2018

What are your favorite Galentine’s Day activities? Share your stories and suggestions in the comments below!

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