Host the Best Friendsgiving with these 15 Creative Ideas

November 15th, 2018 at 5:00pm
friendsgiving ideas

I love holidays, and my absolute favorite one to celebrate is Friendsgiving. I know it’s technically not an official holiday, but what’s better than getting together with your best friends to share some gratitude, good food, and good company? There’s really nothing I can think of. Hosting a Friendsgiving may sound fun, but it also seems to be challenging. Because of this, I decided to research some ideas and ways to start planning for one this year. If you want some inspiration for hosting your Friendsgiving this year, look no further.

  • Start planning early. With the stress of being in the midst of midterms, and worrying about impending final exams and papers, planning a Friendsgiving seems nearly impossible. The best way to avoid stressing yourself out over Friendsgiving is to start planning it early. Make a list of people you are going to invite, and choose a day that works for everyone. Decide on everything a week to two weeks in advance if you can, so you aren’t panicking last minute!
  • Make cute invitations. You could always make another group chat, but if you want it to be more personal, make physical invitations. Get construction paper, glitter glue, or, if your more technically-inclined, design it on Photoshop.
  • Have a game night. When I say have a game night, I don’t just mean charades. Get creative with your games! Host a scavenger hunt, create Thanksgiving-themed activities, or you could just break out the board games.
  • Have a Thanksgiving movie marathon. I think Thanksgiving movies are highly underrated. Everyone gets excited about Christmas movies, but where’s the hype for the November holiday movies? When else will you be able to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?
  • Set up a photo booth. Pics or it didn’t happen! Set up a cute, fall-themed photo booth complete with pumpkins, leaves, and props. It’s the perfect way to show off your awesome party on the ’gram.
  • Decorate cookies. You don’t have to have all the food ready before the party! Make your guests do some of the work. Set up a cookie decorating table or station in your kitchen. You’ll all be getting a tasty dessert out of it, and decorating cookies with your besties is pretty fun anyways.
  • Set up a pie bar.  If you want to get a little fancy this Friendsgiving, dedicate one table to serving different kinds of pie. Some possible pie options you can include are pumpkin, apple, and chocolate. Don’t forget the whipped cream and ice cream!
  • Have a potluck. Making all the food on your own for Friendsgiving can be overwhelming and stressful. Divide the work by hosting a potluck. This way everyone can contribute by making their own dish. This will allow for more variety when it comes to piling up your plate.
  • Make a gratitude jar. Friendsgiving isn’t just about eating and partying with your friends, it’s also about showing gratitude. Cut up a few slips of paper and have everyone write something they are thankful for throughout the day. During dinner or dessert, whenever everyone’s gotten a chance to write something down, share what you’re grateful for!
  • Get creative with decorations. You’re going to need to go on Pinterest for this one. Make a Friendsgiving banner and use mini pumpkins as centerpieces. An article in MyDomaine has several great ideas for creating the perfect Friendsgiving spread.
  • Make leftover boxes. It’s Friendsgiving, so you’re probably going to have a lot of food leftover. Make cute leftover boxes for all your guests, or buy them on Amazon. Your friends will thank you as they’ll have something to eat other than ramen for the next week.
  • Make party favors. Don’t send your guests home empty-handed. Make cards listing reasons why you’re grateful for them. You can also make little favor bags. They don’t have to be too expensive. Simply fill them with candy, mini hand lotions, or lip balms—all essentials for making it through winter weather.
  • Decorate pumpkins. Decorating and carving pumpkins shouldn’t just be limited to Halloween. Bring out the carving tools and paint. If you and your guests are feeling especially competitive, choose a winner at the end and gift them with a prize.
  • Make a playlist. There’s no party without music. Make a playlist to set the mood. If you’re looking to have major fall vibes, check out the College Fashionista fall playlist.
  • Have a dress code. Having a dress code doesn’t mean you have to throw a fancy, sophisticated soirée. You could host a pajama party! Have people dress up or dress down for the meal—it’s all up to you.

What special touches will you have at your Friendsgiving? Comment below!

Opening image by Jenna Sayfie.