Known for its haute couture fashion houses and luxurious shopping, Paris lives up to its reputation as one of the fashion capitals of the world. But between fashion weeks, how do you accomplish the legendary style of a Parisian? Dressing like a true Parisian takes a certain flair that you can’t learn from any fashion magazine. The Parisian look takes a sense of confidence and effortlessness that you simply can’t find anywhere else in the world. This Fashionista took the Parisian uniform and made it her own by accessorizing and mixing bright colors.

Because the weather is often unpredictable in Paris, it’s important to be ready for anything. This Fashionista chose vibrant colors to brighten up a rainy week and floral print pants to match the true romantic charm of Paris. She paired her look with slip-ons perfect for walking through the City of Lights and a headwrap to keep her hair neat even in the rain and wind. Although many Parisians wear a similar outfit on a daily basis, this Fashionista made the look her own by daring to wear bright colors and stand out from the city-chic uniform of all black everything.

Aside from the floral print and walking shoes, what truly makes this Fashionista look Parisian is the effortless style she radiates. The flowy fabrics of her outfit make for an effortlessly cool silhouette that Parisians pull off like no other. Whether she’s grabbing an espresso at lunchtime or walking through the streets of Paris at night, this Fashionista looks cool, confident and collected—the true Parisian uniform.

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista while she was looking for the perfect restaurant in Paris, France.