Rome, Italy: what an amazing place to live in for three months! We have all finally arrived here after trying to stuff as much clothes as humanly possible into our limited suitcases and packed to live and study in Europe. As an all girl college, I believe almost every single one of us are trying to channel our inner Lizzie McGuire and take Rome by storm. You can just tell me when my Paolo will arrive, and I’ll be even happier. From Milan to Florence to Rome, the fashion produced in Italy has been unbelievable throughout the years. Keeping up with the street style in this country is definitely an ambitious task, especially on a college budget but one that is no doubt reachable!

In America, we usually can see people in workout material: Nikes and a sweatshirt, or just some baggy sweatpants walking into Starbucks and don’t think twice. Well, not only does Rome not have Starbucks, but their citizens frequently seem to be dressed to the nines. It truly is refreshing and inspiring to see the gorgeous ensembles around the city; I could people watch and take notes all day long. Being the middle of winter I have seen everything from lavish winter coats, to the most elegant furs and scarves. Whether just grabbing a cappuccino or going to work, Italians do fashion very well!

I am infatuated with the way that this Fashionista pulls of the most darling European looks. More than that, I am so impressed with how she pulls together these looks from the one suitcase she managed to fit everything into; That earns some serious points in my book. In this outfit, she pulls off a classic all black outfit with just the perfect pop of color. It is very popular to pair hats with your outfits here and her black floppy wide-brim hat makes the outfit stand out nicely. Those rain booties are also a must; Everyone is wearing them here! Not only waterproof but comfy enough for traveling and will match with everything. While we are loving the weather here compared to home, it still can get very cold. So it is important to grab a scarf before you leave for your classes. Layers matter. It will help you blend in with the Italian’s style, and I promise you will be happy to have layers keeping you warm in the streets. Lastly, lipstick is your best friend. It will take each and every outfit from looking great to looking fabulous, and we all want that!

Captured: Rome, Italy. Via di Torre Argentina.