Italia: the land of wine, food and fashion. Strolling down the streets of Florence, Italy is like seeing the pages of Vogue come to life. The people of Italy take pride in their appearance and it shows. On a casual afternoon you can see Italian women riding bikes in stilettos or grabbing an espresso with a Gucci bag draped over their shoulders. The chilly winter weather of Florence brings out gorgeous coats from the closets of the fashionable bunch that calls this place home.

This Fashionista is sporting a beautiful fur coat made and sold in Florence. She got this unique piece from a local designer known for his elegant and elaborate fur coats. To highlight her chocolate brown fur stunner this Fashionista goes all black for the other elements of her outfit. The jacket’s intricate texture is translated into this Fashionista’s accessories. Her velvet sunglasses and spiked bag are a subtle way to continue the theme of texture into her whole look. This lavish coat elegantly paired with her all black ensemble makes this Fashionista as effortlessly stylish as the city of Florence.

In Italy cold weather brings out luxurious outwear. Fur coats are a classic staple in Italian winter wear. Italians don’t just wear fur coats on a night out; they rock these chic statement pieces daily. As an American, I find fur coats are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. A fur coat is daring, chic and will never go out of style. Try this Italian trend in your winter look. Pair it with a monochromatic ensemble and no doubt you’ll be a head turner.

Captured: I captured this Fashionista relaxing and taking in the view on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy.