When studying abroad, packing for a month-long trip or a whole semester can be quite the struggle. Do you really need five of the same colored sweaters? Probably not. Ditch those thick, heavy pieces and pack the essentials that will make it easy to transition your outfits from day to night, like a good leather jacket. In the south of France, temperatures are warmer in the winter than they are at my university in North Carolina. Because of this, I had to pack thin pieces in my suitcase that I could use to layer different outfits with, which meant several different jackets, scarves and tights.

This Fashionista is taking the streets of southern France by storm. She is rocking a classic leather jacket with a white flowy dress underneath. The black mixed with the white creates a nice balance between the dark leather and the lightweight cotton material of the dress. She paired her jacket and dress with a pair of thin black tights and black combat boots, which tie together any look. Her neutral colored fringe scarf adds detail to the look, and gives the outfit texture. This Fashionista topped off the outfit with a pair of versatile black Ray-Ban sunglasses.

On your college campus or in a foreign country, bringing simple pieces into your wardrobe that can be added to dress up or dress down an outfit is key. Leather jackets and scarves are staples every girl should own, and this Fashionista proved that they are easy to wear during the day when paired the right way.

Captured: I captured this Fashionista on the top of the colosseum in Nimes, France.