FASHION FROM ABROAD: Breaking the Stereotype

Bonjour! I am currently sitting on a terrace looking over the fabulous street, Rue de Lafayette in Paris, France. Rue de Lafayette happens to contain the Holy Grail of department stores, Galeries Lafayette. The store carries a range of luxury to contemporary brands. Some featured are American designers such as Michael Kors, kate spade and Stella McCartney and French brands The Kooples and Maje. Galleries Lafayette is every Fashionista’s dream and a must for anybody visiting Paris.

Everybody has their own perception of how Parisians are supposed to look, whether that be donned in navy stripes and a beret or draped in the season’s latest haute couture gowns. My personal assumption was that Parisians emulate absolute elegance and glamour, meaning red-bottomed heels with lips to match. To my surprise, my assumptions could not be further from the truth.

The typical Parisian girl has traded in her fancy heels for a pair of casual sneakers. Whether that be sporty Nike trainers, trendy adidas Originals or classic Converse, sneakers are essential to any outfit and style choice. The sneakers are often paired with casual ripped jeans. The particular Parisian Fashionista this piece focuses on nods to the stereotypical sailor stripe by wearing a loose T-shirt tucked into a chestnut leather belt. Also, an oversized coat is ALWAYS a must. Puffy down coats previously worn by brave chilly Parisian winters have been replaced by large wool coats often in black, gray and camel.

My preconceived idea of French beauty was completely shattered when I noticed chapstick or clear gloss was worn instead of the iconic red lip. Parisians prefer to look much more natural as opposed to the American trend of false eyelashes and extreme facial contour. The Fashionista pictured decided on a clean face and simple pony to top off her everyday Parisian look.

Captured: This Fashionista was spotted at the Palais Royale in Paris, France.