FASHION FROM ABROAD: Bags, Baggy and Bows

In China, and in many other parts of the world, it has become a very fashionable thing to wear sneakers with a dressy ensemble in order to round out one’s outward persona, giving onlookers the idea that they are, indeed, both successful and fun. While I’m all for interesting fashion trends which question society’s definition of the word, I still appreciate those who lag behind to appreciate and soak up the waning beauty of an era past.

I’m talking about her flats. Her flats make her entire outfit. Light gray and corduroy with a light blue trim and topped with bows, these flats don’t actually match the rest of her outfit at all. At the same time, however, they manage to become the cherry on top of an outfit that went from simple and subtly elegant to popping with an edge of cuteness. The salmon scarf lends a hint of color to her white graphic T-shirt and black skirt to create a nice ensemble that lends a certain amount of grace to make up for anything her posture might be missing. Her bag complements everything well as the hints of gold sit nicely next to her scarf. Then one notices the flats that almost don’t work until one hears what her clothes are trying to say—she isn’t aiming to be a swan; she’s aiming to be a peacock.

It’s rather obvious that the flats are a deliberate addition to her outfit as they are too outrageously interesting to be the only pair of shoes she owns. They were specifically chosen to showcase a little of her inner pizzazz and her own originality and individuality, traits that often go undervalued in the Chinese way of thinking.

Captured: These photos were taken on the Nanjing Road walking street in Shanghai, China, across from what can only be considered a parking lot for small trains which are meant to ferry weary travelers to the Shanghai skyline, otherwise known as the Bund.