Dress With an Outfit to Impress

Summer is a constantly busy time. The day is full of many other opportunities even though school is out. College women are working, interning, and trying to have fun all with a hectic schedule. Whether you are interviewing or you’ve already scored an internship, a cute outfit that isn’t too formal is necessary. It is difficult to find a perfect outfit when the weather is beautiful and the temperature is hot. However, this outfit could be a perfect fit for you and all of your summer needs!

Dresses and rompers are simple, easy, go-to outfit ideas. Sometimes, though, you want to show your style a bit more by pairing a cute top and bottoms. This Fashionista achieved exactly that with her chic look. Her simple but classy outfit has an endless amount of occasions it can be worn to.

While wearing patterns is sometimes frowned upon, this Fashionista used stripes to her advantage to give herself a more stylish look. Her shorts are high-waisted and hit in the middle of her thigh. She looks professional and achieves a goal of not being too warm. She paired a simple black tank with the shorts, tucking it in and drawing more attention to the bottoms.

Her outfit is complete with her long, gray cardigan. Modesty and class is achieved with her sweater, which is made out of lightweight material. I love the three buttons on the cuff of the sleeves—such a simple yet cute addition to her look. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s ensemble is her pink Michael Kors satchel. This purse is perfect for throwing in your phone, pens, or makeup for touchups throughout the day. The pink pops against the neutral colors for her chic outfit without overwhelming her fashion.

What are some of your go-to outfits for internships and jobs this summer? Tag @cfashionista on Instagram, or comment below!