Don't Forget to Look Up!

Arguably the most hectic time of the year, during this period of late August it seems like there is everything to do (and then some). Your to-do list is overflowing and your mind is constantly filled with what needs to get done between ending your summer job and prepping for going back to school. It feels like you barely have time to stop and come up for air.

I’m here to tell you to BREATH! During this crunch time, it’s so important to pause every once in a while. And you’d be surprised what you’ll notice when you stop what you’re doing for a moment and actually look up from your phone. It’s amazing the beauty you can discover right around you. Life is all about the little things, right?

Colorful and aesthetically pleasing, these photos will inspire you to soak up the last few moments of summer.

Photo via @triciaacacho.


Photo via @alessagabrielle.


Photo via @withlovethelms.


Photo via @cfashionista.


Photo via @chacharity.


Photo via @cfashionista.


Photo via @hannahbullion