20 College Budget-Friendly Gifts That'll Make You Click 'Add to Cart'

December 3rd, 2018 at 4:43pm

It’s the season of giving, and no matter what holidays you do or don’t celebrate, giving (and receiving) presents is always exciting. If you get a thrill from picking out the perfect gift for people, we can relate. Unfortunately, living on a college budget can make this task more stressful than joyful. You want to give a gift everyone the right present, but you’re not about to drain your life savings on holiday shopping. No worries. We’ve compiled a list of college budget-friendly gifts that your friends and fam will love (and your wallet will thank you for). They’re all $20 and under, so you won’t have to cut back on buying those peppermint mochas.

College Budget-Friendly Gifts for $20 and Under

  1. The trendy winter hoodie ($20)
  2. The coffee lover’s dream travel mug ($15)
  3. The makeup palette anyone will love ($19)
  4. The blanket every dorm bed needs ($19)
  5. The workout gear any gym buff will obsess over ($20)
  6. The moisturizer your mom will thank you for ($17)
  7. The ideal winter break book ($20)
  8. The jewelry dish for your zodiac-obsessed friend ($8)
  9. The best desk accessory for your studious pal ($20)
  10. The slides your sister will never stop talking about ($20)
  11. The crossbody bag you won’t be seen without ($20)
  12. The world’s cutest makeup brush set ($20)
  13. The winter skincare kit you will swear by ($20)
  14. The trendy laptop skin your best friend’s computer needs ($12)
  15. The perfect planner for your A-type friend ($10)
  16. The mini grill your S.O. will love ($16)
  17. The must-have bathroom accessory ($18)
  18. The water bottle that makes anyone instantly cooler ($15)
  19. The heavenly scented candle you’ll never want to blow out ($13)
  20. The scarf your roommate will never take off ($19)


What great buys are you finding this year? Let us know below; we wanna shop, too!

Opening image by Liv Iriarte