In One Sentence, 10 Successful Women Share the Career Advice Every Student Should Know

In One Sentence, 10 Successful Women Share the Career Advice Every Student Should Know

When you’re in college, getting advice from the people you admire is invaluable. And through the CF Clubhouse, College Fashionista’s summer co-working space, we hosted intimate events with the fashion industry’s top talent to give our community the chance to do just that. With discussions on everything from leadership to social media, students had the opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry who shared their expertise and advice on how to get ahead. Here’s what they had to say.

“Don’t take no for an answer; figure out another way to make it happen.” — Samantha Fulgham, director of field marketing at Bumble

“Don’t be afraid to craft your own role.” — Kellen Fitzgerald, marketing manager of digital experience and loyalty at Tarte Cosmetics

“Speak up; you have more power than you realize that you have.” — Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli,  senior manager of marketing strategy at Viacom and host of Naked Beauty podcast

“If you don’t push yourself, you’re never going to know what you’re able to achieve.” — Jordana Beck, director of affiliate partnerships at Clique Brands

“Do a ton of networking and keep in touch with everyone you meet—you never know where they’ll end up down the road.” —Rachel Zeilic, VP of Talent at Clique Brands and creative director of Majorelle Collection

“If you feel passionate about something, keep doing it in every way possible.” — Marissa Fuchs, director of brand partnerships at Goop and blogger behind @FashionAmbitionist   

“Reach out to people on social, LinkedIn, and any way that you can to get informational interviews, because that’s a great way to start building your network.” — Samantha Ostroff, marketing director at Kendra Scott

“It’s a smaller world than you think, so just keep building your relationships and make sure you’re not burning any bridges.” — Emily Bibb, global director of digital and social media at S’well

“You need to ask for what you want, and you can’t be entitled about it, and you definitely need to be open to hearing no—but no is an opportunity.” — Kristen Flanagan, deputy editor at Architectural Digest  

“Put yourself in situations where you’re learning every single day.” — Kelly Gernon, designer and trend forecaster at Primark

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Opening image by Carly Tice.