NOTES FROM AYA – How To Take Advantage Of Winter Break
Aya Kanai is a rockstar in the fashion industry. She is the Executive Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine and has an incredible resume to back her up. Be sure to check out her monthly career advice right here on CollegeFashionista. This month, she shares her tips on the best way to take advantage of winter break.
CollegeFashionista: What can students be doing over winter break to prepare for internships applications interviews?
Aya Kanai: Winter break is when you should be organizing your resume for summer internships. Make your target list of where you want to apply and write a letter specific to each place.
CF: When should students start reaching out and applying for summer internships?
AK: Usually we start accepting summer internship applications in February.
CF: What are some ways to prep for an internship that may be starting in the spring semester over break?
AK: Ask your manager if there is an intern handbook that they can be looking over. Study the masthead of your magazine and learn names and what each editor does. 
Photo courtesy of Atisha Paulson.
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