CLASS OF 2016—”What was the most important thing you learned in college?”

Graduating is a mixed bag of emotions. You are sad to say goodbye to your friends as you disperse around the country (and world). You are scared about the uncertainty and the reality of becoming a “grown up.” But you are also looking forward to a new beginning, no more finals and living out your real life version of the show, “GIRLS.”

We here at CollegeFashionista are also emotional basket cases when it comes to graduation season. We must say goodbye to another batch of senior Style Gurus, as they become alum not only of their respective colleges and universities, but of CollegeFashionista as well. Whether they have been part of the CF family for a single semester or four years, we know that the Style Guru Class of 2016 is going to accomplish truly incredible things. We can’t wait to see what post-grad life has in store this talented group!

We are sending off our seniors in style. All month long, we will be bringing you features that highlight the thoughts and advice from the CollegeFashionista Class of 2016.

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We asked our senior Style Gurus, “What was the most important thing you learned outside of the classroom?”

Check out what some of these graduating rockstars had to say!

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“In college, you’re going to encounter tons of people who do not share your same worldview, sense of morality, or upbringing. This is okay—more than okay; it’s actually pretty cool.” —Sarah Yung

Making connections and building relationships with your peers, professors and industry professionals is the best way to have a successful personal and professional life.“—Ally Rohmann

Surround yourself with people that appreciate who you are and want to see you thrive. They are out there, but you have to go outside your comfort zone to find them sometimes.“—Kassee Keudell

“I learned to appreciate being alone. After moving to NYC for my co-op with no friends, I learned how to take myself on dates and explore a city by myself. It made the experience more personal!”—Emily Engle

“Respect yourself and learn to say no to others.”—Tiffany Lintakoon

I learned that you truly have to YOLO it sometimes and do things that’ll make you happy, regardless of the possible consequences.”—Bailey Wojcik

Confidence.”—Hannah Littlefield

Time-management skills.”—Maria Vastopoulos

To work harder, grind harder.”—Aramis Harmon

How far talking to random people can get you—whether that be professionally or socially.“—Holly Reimer

I learned that it’s okay to be yourself. You don’t have to fit into a mold of who people think you should be. You can be your true and genuine self and no one will judge you.”—Kaitlyn Fensterer

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I learned how to be a women, I learned how to be independent and do stuff for myself! Self love is the best love!“—Chandler Lewis

You might need a degree to get a job, but the most valuable thing you can do in college is get experience- whether it be through internships or clubs.“—Abigail Dobbertin

Good friends go a long way!“—Rachel Mendelson

Meet people from different parts of campus.”—Veronica Wayne

People are going to stare. Make it worth their while.“—Allison Keck

It’s okay to sometimes let loose every now and then. Don’t push yourself to the breaking point! Your family knows that you are working hard; your family is proud. Overworking yourself isn’t healthy! It’s okay to just have ‘me time’ where you relax and let go of everything.”—Teria Litman

Internships taught me so much! I’d definitely recommend interning as much as possible. Even if it doesn’t directly relate to what you want to do, you’ll learn people skills and about work environments.“—Tori Radday

Traveling solo made my soul come alive.“—Storm Tyler

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Making my health and well-being a priority, and saying no to people when I feel overwhelmed.“—Kamila Jambulatova

When one door closes, another one will open.“—Alexia Morton

You get what you put into it.“—Allison Keaton

Have a positive attitude and always be humble.“—Claire Larkins

How to be independent.”—Riannon Gibson

I learned a lot about who I am as a person.”—Emily Murray

Everyone is different and that’s perfectly okay. Not everyone has to have the same interests or opinions to get along. Cooperating and learning to work with those who are different than you is way more fun.“—Emily Austin

Be sure to take time to do the things you’re passionate about outside of school.“—Emily Lebsock

Say ‘yes’ to new adventures!“—Carlita Kelly

In order to do well in school/work, you must also do well in other aspects of your life, like staying organized and eating healthy.“—Hannah Gilmartin

Time management. You juggle so many different things in college, sometimes I didn’t even realize I was doing it. But, it’s a great way to create a balance and find what is most important to you.“—Martha Eelman

I’ve learned to trust myself more.“—Stefanie Marques Jordao

The most important thing is learning to grow.”—Nicolette Piccininni

One thing I learned outside of the classroom would be… how to value relationships. Ironically, going away to college created a better relationship between my mom and I. The distance was a killer, but it definitely helped me become better at communicating with loved ones and keeping my balance.“—Melissa Simon

Don’t leave things for last minute.”—Gabriela Candelaria

Being your authentic self is way more important than not and learn to be okay with change.“—Brianna Fox-Priest

Having good friends and good times are more important than straight As.”—Jessica Long

You are the master of your reality and have the power to make the most of anything that you would like to achieve. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.“—Charity Gates

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