10 Best Pool Floats That Are Ridiculously Cute

July 26th, 2022 at 12:00pm

Hello, summer! What better way to relax and enjoy yourself this season than in a super cute, super trendy, and most importantly, a super Instagram-worthy pool float? This year, pool accessory brands have taken their pool float designs to the next level. The trendy styles are endless and there is without a doubt, a design for every personality. With giant inflatables as your favorite animal or tasty treat, your backyard will basically become an adult summer camp!

Grab your floppiest hat, SPF, cutest sunnies and check out 10 of the best pool floats this season:

Image via BigMouth Inc.

Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Look and feel “flocking” fabulous in this giant pink flamingo float. With over 4 feet of inflatable fun, this float is perfect for the pool, parties, and more!


Image via BigMouth Inc.

Giant Frosted Donut Pool Float

Imitated but never equalled—this is the original donut inflatable. At 4 feet wide, it’s comfy enough for an entire day at the pool or beach, and a great gift for a sweet tooth and pool owners!


Image via And Sunday

Bubbles White Oversized Pool Tube

This fun, chic and simple design will not only give your pool time a makeover, but will be the source of endless summer fun!


Image via And Sunday

Curves Oversized Pool Tube

Inspired by curves, arches, and simple sophistication, this float is perfect for relaxing all summer long. Finished with the perfect blush peach tone for a fun, serene feel.


Image via BigMouth Inc.

Bling Ring Pool Float

Your newest sparkly obsession that you don’t have to worry about dropping in the middle of the Atlantic! This stunning bling ring inflatable is over 5 feet wide and brings all the fun to any pool, beach, or lake day.


Image via BigMouth Inc.

Coconut Pool Float

If you’ve ever wanted your own private island, this is the float for you! The coconut tree adds the perfect amount of shade while the extra wide base is ideal for lounging all afternoon.


Image via BigMouth Inc.

Giant Melting Ice Cream Pool Float

Looking for a sweet treat to beat the heat? Look no further! This adorable melted cone inflatable keeps you cool and cozy with a comfy seat area and perfectly positioned ice cream cone headrest. Perfect for a nap in the pool!


Image via Swimline

Tiger Ride-On Pool Float

It’s a jungle out there! Rule the pool with this awesome tiger float and channel your inner Tiger King all summer long!


Image via LoveShakFancy

Everblooming Rosettes Pool Float

So pretty, so airy, so… dreamy! This gorgeous pastel blue floral pool float is perfect for your next pool party.

Available in Dreamy Days. $125

pool floats
Image via LoveShakFancy

Blooming Heirloom Heart Float

Soak up the sun on this adorable heart shaped pool float in the most beautiful, dainty rosebud print.

Available in Marie Pink. $245

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