11 Fitness Tips from Our Community Members to Keep You Motivated All Semester

October 11th, 2018 at 10:00am

New semester, new you. Or not. We don’t blame you if working out is the last thing on your mind now that fall is here and classes have started. Everything from tests and internships to socials and sleeping can make it hard to get some sweat time in. It’s easy to become stressed and exhausted during these times. But, it’s even more necessary for us to take care of our bodies and minds when we’re overdoing it. You want to hit the gym, but you’re bogged down with projects. You’re trying to eat healthy, but that ramen is a lot easier to make. How do you stay focused on your wellbeing when there’s so much going on?

Thanks to JoyLab, the performance line co-designed by Target and Clique, looking stylish while working on your mind and body is whole lot easier. Our community members shared their thoughts with us on staying motivated and caring for yourself in a way that makes sense for you. And to help them stay focused on their health, they curated the perfect outfits from JoyLab that match both their lifestyles and fitness habits. With the right mindset and the right look, you’ll be all set for creating routines and sticking to ’em.

On staying motivated with the weather gets crummy…

Sometimes remembering the endorphin boost you feel after exercising is enough motivation to get your running shoes on. “Even though snuggling in my warm bed all day during the winter sounds more appealing than hitting the gym, I remind myself that I will feel so much better after a good workout,” said Syracuse student Erin Eagle. “After a good workout I feel more energized and am therefore more productive throughout the rest of the day during the coldest months.”

A patterned pair of leggings and a cute sports bra never hurts either. Stephanie Pino-Moore, a marketing student at Florida International University, loves styling cute workout gear to stay focused. “During the colder months I try to head to the gym on campus right after class so I stay on top of my game. Plus, I like going to class already dressed so there’s no excuses! It also helps that my birthday is at the end of the semester so that motivates me to make sure I look my best for that special day,” she said. JoyLab’s line has you covered when your in need of an #OOTD that you can rock on campus and at the free weights.

On treating yourself…

Fashion Merchandising student Samantha Neira enjoys taking group workout classes at Philadelphia University, but she also believes in treating yourself. “I like to prioritize my to-dos. School comes first, then any blogging commitments, then working out! If for some reason I don’t get to my workout, I don’t let myself feel bad about it—there were more important things to do first! I have such a sweet tooth, I always allow myself one treat or dessert a day,” she said.

On avoiding confidence zappers…

Your best bet is to avoid getting caught up in the idea of “perfection.” It’s better to focus on improving yourself in healthful ways, and not preventing yourself from enjoying things you like. “It’s never good to get down on yourself or stress out about being perfect. There needs to be a balance in everything!” FIDM student Emily Soule said. “For example if I think I worked extra hard during a workout I will reward myself with a cheat meal or snack!” If you do happen to find yourself dwelling on imperfections, step back, redirect your thoughts, and focus on the talents, capabilities, and parts of yourself that you love.

On prioritizing yourself…

It’s worth noting that both neglecting your health and obsessing over it are unhealthy extremes. FIT student Arianna Shaghaghi agrees that there should be a balance. “These factors are a big aspect of my life and always push me to improve daily. I believe that taking care of your body from the inside and out is very important for your overall state of mind and allows you to feel good about yourself,” she said. “I do not think these aspects should consume your lifestyle but should be naturally apart of it as time proceeds.”

We challenge you to take time for yourself this school year (and every year)! Shop the JoyLab line for taking the first steps towards habits that will make this semester one for the books.


How are you staying healthy this term? Sound off in the comments below!