BEAUTY BAR: Twiggy, Twiggy, Twiggy... Can't you see?

Hello, my name is Emma and I am addicted to makeup. I love clothing because of its freedom of expression, and I believe you can do the same thing with makeup. Everyone on the face of this earth is a natural beauty, makeup just enhances that beauty and lets you be whoever you want to be. Another great thing about makeup and different makeup looks is that you can draw inspiration from others. Just like you can with clothing. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to celebrities make up looks that I can recreate on myself. One of those natural beauties that I mentioned earlier, is this Fashionista. She was rocking a very simple makeup look that I had to capture and possibly recreate on myself one of these days.

It was very simple, but made her eyes pop! She just had a neutral base color on her eye lids, with a dramatic, matte grey eye shadow in her crease. She said she buffed out the darker color in her crease so it was a little softer and not such a harsh line. She did so by using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and in small circular motions, lightly smudged out the eyeshadow. Then she had black, gel eyeliner closely applied to her lash line to accentuate the almond shape of her eyes and for a little drama. To top it off, she had mascara on the top and bottom lashes, with white eyeliner in her water line. This is a great technique when wanting your eyes to appear bigger, and more awake.

This makeup look she had on reminded me so much of Twiggy, whom I absolutely adore. Twiggy’s make up is all about big, doe like eyes and crazy spider lashes. Which are my two main goals with my own personal makeup. So the fact this Fashionista was rocking this Twiggy-esque makeup made me like it even more! You can easily recreate this makeup look with these simple products: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and white eyeliner for the waterline.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To rock this look, all you need to do is run to your local drugstore, a nearby Sephora or rummage through your makeup collection. This look is all about being neutral, while enhancing small features for a dramatic affect.