BEAUTY BAR: Purplicious, The College Version

This Fashionista happens to be my housemate, and she made the announcement one morning before work that it was time to dye her hair purple. Most people would think this is a terrible idea and wonder who could possibly pull of purple hair. As a child of the conservative South, I could feel my father’s voice in my head, “Will she ever get a job?”

She already has one. One of the most incredible things about being in a less conservative setting is that people are open to new ways to go about things. Because this Fashionista takes herself seriously, her purple hair feels less like an act of rebellion and more like what it is—a beauty statement.

We express ourselves in so many different ways: different lipstick colors, shoes and dress choices. This Fashionista has chosen to say something about her open, playful personality with her hair, and it works! She loves wearing charming dresses and quirky but simple accessories, so her hair ends up speaking for itself. Even her white Converse make this look have an instant classic feel. When we went out to lunch, several people complimented her color palette from her hair down to her dress! She treats the purple like it is just another wonderful and exciting accessory.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, this Fashionista recommends bleach, purple hair dye and coconut oil (to keep hair healthy). Make sure that you’ve considered the maintenance of dying your hair: you have to keep touching up the roots and the color fades quickly. Will this be appropriate at your job? But if you feel ready to do it, get some bleach and go!