BEAUTY BAR: Made In Braids

It is officially wintertime which means blistering cold temperatures and yet another protective style season for us natural haired Fashionistas. For anyone that has never heard the term protective style, it is any hairstyle that calls for very little manipulation and daily maintenance.

Many hairstyles come and go, but braids seem to be a hair trend that has yet to die down. They are so versatile and go with any hair texture. Box braids are an African hair braiding technique that requires you to make individual parts in the hair that are usually squared or boxed off, hence the term “box” braids. Box braids have always been a traditional style in the African culture, but they have lately made their way back into the spotlight due to the versatility of the style. This protective style can literally be manipulated into any kind of style that you would like. High buns, low buns, ponytails and up-dos are just a few style examples that can be created with this handy hairdo.

This Fashionista did the box braids herself which has proven to be a very tedious process, but was well worth it in the long run. The process includes parting your hair into individual square sections and wrapping your choice of braiding hair around your own hair and braiding the hair until the ends. When it is all said and done, you can either burn the ends with a lighter or put the hair in hot water to seal them. This Fashionista’s used black kanekalon braiding hair to get this look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Typically this is a style that most people go to their personal hair stylists to get done, but if you are up for the DIY challenge you will need the following items: braiding hair of your choice such as Essence Kanekalon braiding hair, an easy YouTube tutorial, a comb and patience.