BEAUTY BAR: Graduation Edition

It’s that time of year—graduation time! Usually summer and fall are my absolute favorite times of the year, but this year it is right now because I am finally almost a college graduate! College graduation is one of the biggest accomplishments anyone could have, but in addition to that, when you walk across that stage with thousands upon thousands of people watching you, you have to make sure your glam is on point.

This Fashionista slayed those graduation pictures and her very important walk to becoming a college graduate. With her sleek dress and pop of that gorgeous embellishment and her natural hair, she looks fun and flirty yet still sophisticated and classy. Because of the top of her gold embellished dress, she went for a more subtle and natural beauty look which works perfectly together.

This graduation look is easily achieved with just a few items. First, find that perfect dress. Typically, girls like to opt for a white dress because it matches all other colors, and we all know that sometimes our caps and gowns are not in the prettiest of colors. Then, go for a simple strappy heel. This is a great choice because you want everyone looking at your face…not your feet. Find the perfect shade of nude for your lips and an eyeshadow that will bring out your beautiful eyes but won’t clash with any of the other colors going on in your look. Next, throw on a classic bracelet. Then, to pull the entire look together, grab that well-earned cap and gown and make that graduation stage your runway!