BEAUTY BAR: Give Some Lip

Whether you have a valentine or a dog waiting for you this season, you can rock the romantic trend! This trend is characterized by a bold lip in a maroon or reddish hue with fairly simple eye makeup. To bring out the warmth of the skin during the pale winter months, add a little bronzer to the sides of your face while keeping the eye makeup simple with thin black eyeliner.

This Fashionista went for a maroon shade of lipstick. To highlight her lip color, she kept her outfit dark and neutral so that the maroon warmed her skin tone. For her hair, she tied back the top half to show off her face. If you wanted to make this look a little more glam, then opt for a brighter red lipstick and a neutral and shimmery eye shadow. This is the perfect look for the cold weather and adds warmth to any makeup routine. Make sure that you stick to lipstick instead of lipgloss because lipstick stays on longer and offers more moisture than the lipgloss will.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look, you’ll need to apply a thin layer of primer and allow it to set. Add a tinted moisturizer and top it off with a powder or mineral veil. Then, add a little bronzed foundation and swipe on some bronzer to the side of your cheeks, sweeping it out a little towards the apple of your cheeks. Keep the eyeliner thin and basic with a black-brown color. Finally, pick a shade of dark lipstick that fits your skin tone.