Besides diamonds, lipstick is a girl’s known best friend. We carry at least one lipstick around with us everywhere in our purses. Even though we always don’t put it on, depending on the outfit, it’s a go-to product. Classic idol’s like Marilyn Monroe brought lipstick to life with the ruby red lips she would always rock. With summer coming upon us, one word comes into mind which is BOLD. In my opinion, during the summer, extreme makeup should be a thing of the past. However, bold lips should be a thing of the present!

This Fashionista’s maxi dress had neutral colors, making her lips the main focus. She went through her outfit and had to make sure she told me about her bargained Nine West purse. “Guess how much I got it for?” she said with happiness.”I spent a day at the mall and got this purse on sale for $50 compared to a $100 price!” It sure looks beautiful! I think it’s funny how the bag is black and white because of Cruella de Ville.

The Fashionista didn’t go extreme by caking her face with makeup so nothing took away from her bold lip! She went for a clean and delicate look by putting on 24 hour foundation, mascara, eyeshadow and ended with some bronzer on her cheeks. SURPRISE! You’d think she actually used lipstick, but she didn’t. In recent trends, we see a lot of lip liner being used on the lips to line them or make them bigger, but this Fashionista did the opposite. She used lip liner instead of lipstick! I think this was a smart choice because it left a matte finish.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this summer ready look, you need a lip liner or even a lipstick, whichever you prefer. Try out a lip liner as a replacement and be different! Wear colors that you’d normally never put on and walk with confidence! Start off your natural look with some creme foundation that feels like silk and end with bronzer.